Saturday, April 8

Glorious Games Groups AB - Stardoll Public Address

Hello Everyone,

I would like to address that my account Seasonalhotbuys is no longer activated. I will attempt to stay in touch with the community. I have a little story time to tell the community and the public.

Recently my Account Seasonalhotbuys was terminated.
The termination was sponsored by a breach of One-Stop-Rules. 'Supposedly'. Collectively my
perm ban was funded by my previous offenses since 2008. Unluckily your previous warnings
from seven years ago can come to haunt you. Two-three years since receiving a formal warning. 

 The final straw on the money hungry dress-up game you ask?... I mean mobile hungry* Well let me give you some background. Stardoll sough out in 2011 on the first frontier of mobile app gaming to create momentum from a strictly flash hungry browser game: which yet is to collect their bounty. A once blog and expressive driven central website revoked sub-related blog privileges. Taking a monopoly standpoint by utilizing their official blog (however dry the posts were). Shortly after Stardoll's patrons were sent warnings to remove their blog links. Stardoll users were no longer allowed the freedom they were once allowed -- and sadly the website soon after lost it's appeal of Freedom, Fashion, Fame, and Friends. Or was it Fame, Fashion, and Friends? 

Being apart of that illusive blogger scene I was singled out. Anyone could make a blog and post it on their profile. I had a link to my run-down creative space. Where I posted graphics. I had not said much. I left the rejects and vectors to speak for themselves. However rough they were.

 I had finally received that dreaded message that your blog was a violation to the One-Stop-Rules. Seasonalhotbuys you have been served. Remove the Https:// www. Or be terminated. I thought about resisting but what about those 200 pages of virtual clothing that you've collectively paid for since 2007. Oh, those poorly rendered clothing (Chanel, Dior, Alexander Mcqueen, etc.) that somehow you invested real money on. Realizing how foolish virtual items are. My parents hard earned money wasted.. Deleted with a click. Poor them. How foolish I've been. Gulp.. So I roll my eyes and click edit presentation and removed the .com and www. Today will not be the day I will get terminated. Goodbye freedom.

Recently the company behind Stardoll AB recently traded in their signature name for sophisticated gilded gold letters in their logo:  Glorious Games Group AB. Hopefully the rebranding will attract male app developers so we don't have to suffer through another trashcan app. Pulling the equity out of a dying website isn't quiet surprising. Yawns. After nearly cutting their staff in half their product is not the same. Clothing use to come out in hoards. Now in drips of momentum Glorious Games Group AB resorts to rebranding old products from the peak of the website A great revenue for the failing web traffic website. Stardoll did not see the future. But who can? Clearly not I: when I was terminated - deactivated without notice. I hardly used stardoll up until my termination. Actually I had thrown some mere coins to re-up on membership the previous month. I was feeling nostalgic.

After two-three years without receiving a warning. I supposedly received one that my presentation had somehow been classified as a breach of having a link on my profile. I regularly viewed staff. BTS staff. Unofficial staff. Such as graphic designers, web developers, and the regular just people who worked at Glorious Games Group AB. Before my untimely demise I commented on a MOD's guest book. Did that cause the end of me? Did I trifle too close to the lions den. Perhaps.

Stardoll had recently had a breach in staff that users took advantage of. The opportunity was a lusty staff memember. Disclaimer NSFW or, Employee not safe to work lol ENSTW. The not named staff was giving out old rare clothing and changing user names in exchange of explicit favors ( this is not the only time this has happened) Which happened over the course for a month or so. Note: I did not partake not my cup of tea but I'll spill. Somehow my hypothetical crime was somehow worst. 

My account was up to date with no breach of One-Stop-Rules. I returned maybe a week later. I return when I have a taste for nostalgia or, blood. Usually 2-3 times a month. I tried logging on and it had said my account was deactivated. I was clueless. I contacted the staff. Received juvenile replies (understaffed) -- Short Lacking description or clearity. I pushed. And received a reply further saying that I Breached the One-Stop-Rules with a link in my description.

Huh? Yeah I said the exact same thing. My presentation resembles roughly of 2014 with little changes. With thumbnails of their Kurt and removed Courtney Love doll. What exactly did they mean. My profile saying roughly something like "google me lol". Mocking celebrity culture. Even if my profile said google me it did not certainly include a link. As I knew that was against their One-Stop-Rules. However annoying my presentation was I did not breach my contract. So I pushed and explained the situation and they said they had sent a warning. Then, I pushed a second time and explained further of the ambiguity of my presentation they sent me a list of my collected warnings and threw it in my face: and said they would no longer speak to me about my account. I still do not believe I breached the One-Stop-Rules. I finally said forget it and then decided to share my experience of this frustrating event that recently happened and a little more. 

I would like everyone to know that I am well. I still have an account that goes by pop_star1234. Unfortunate to me that the the name is lame. Your first accounts names are pretty lame you've ever had to come up with a username. This username goes all the way back to 2007. I don't quite know what I was thinking. Probably uniformity. I would have preferred to keep my previous name seasonalhotbuys for familiarity sake but oh well. You may contact me through that route if you'd like.



Wednesday, April 22


This is a small tidbit of what i have worked on. I entered it in the graphic comp called TGP - I really like it I can't wait to post the whole photo I'm still not home? Lol somehow that long stay vacay was well needed! if you ask me anyways

I am also looking currently for writers & creative persons of interests for a few projects of mine - message me @  with applyed job

My stardoll vector of Gemma Ward.

Sunday, July 6

an update sort of + graphic

Something unused. I really liked this graphic I thought it was really cute so I just slapped a background behind it so its better appreciated. Everythings done except the hair. Didn't care for too much of the progress of it a while back. I'm currently practicing new methods for school. I hope to post some stuff soon ;) or if not i'll spoil it before i leave.

Tuesday, September 17

Boredom Brings Trial & Error

Whenever I am working on a graphic and become bored with a part of it I end up doing some fun
brain storming how I could make it better or potentially less boring. & I like to make numerous of looks kind of like my own dress up? Is that weird? Idk I am use to the stardoll world of easily stripping items off & on with a few clicks.

   I created two 'Dior' inspired make ups. Also the right hair is 'Dior' inspired too! I like the shading of the neck & cheekbones they look nice. I was also listening to 'Applause' whilst creating this hence the black cap which transformed into a kind of headband for both looks I created.

  I am kind of getting back into graphics after being gone from my computer so long it's relieving that my mouse hasn't completely become foreign to my touch :').

ALSO! ye i created a free hair that I'll eventually finish up & release either in October or sometime late this month.

Monday, July 8

Some random art - just a pretty face