Thursday, May 24

New Header - About Time!

So I've been to lazy to make a header so today I just made one. I already had one haft way done but it was really bothering me so I just decided to start fresh I may or may not come back to it. I sighed I was like what am I gonna do now? I have no banner so I made one. So what do you guys think? Love it or Hate it? I  edited a stardoll dresss & added a skirt. I think if stardoll just cut out the fabric or just made it more sheer on the dress it would had been as perfect as this. I love it even without the skirt. There is a new rate thing below that I've added. I'll be doing a few new graphics sometime this week/end. I just have to find some inspiration because lately I haven't been very inspired by any images. I saw this hair and was like I MUST DO IT! didn't think I'd use it for something but ended up making my banner around it because it was just classy and cute. The arms are meh.. They were just something I quickly did because I didn't feel like doing a real pose.

What are your thoughts on the header & the hair?

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Marie Riverwing said...

It looks outstanding!

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