Friday, November 23

graphic and rant?

this image is about 66.7% zoomed out

                            So i go to post this graphic on TGV and realized i was removed again. Oh well, I feel like its more of a hassle then its worth. I guess she doesn't like 'inactive' graphic designers? that doesn't make sense tbh because some people have only made 1-2 posts. I've made at least 3-4 (such a big difference right? lol). You might as well call the blog 'Kasey's graphic blog'. she posts the most not trying to rag on her. Its more of good for her. I have a lot more graphics to upload oh well her lost. I hope she doesn't have any hurt feelings about this little rant. I mean she has a great idea but i'd be nice to give others a chance to post when they want to. Its not a 'blogging job'. It's like a show and tell, show what you'd like to be shown on your time.

        Anyways, This graphic i had haft way complete for a while i finally came back to it because it wasn't complete crap like some other things. sometimes you're going to drop work and come back to it. As an artist   i do that a lot because i have to be in the mood. I almost always come back to something thats incomplete unless its stardoll related.  the background isn't final i wanted to do something with it now that its done idk i might just make it my banner the line will make a M for MIKEL's graphic blog blah blah blah. I wnt to do some givenchy prints maybe? i'm not quite good at doing prints.

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Princess_Kiara1 said...

It was probably Kirsten who removed you, she removed me, and allegedly 2 other people as well... Looks like she wanted to get rid of the good GDs lol

_StarHelen_ said...

I was actually looking forward on seeing your work on TGV :/ Kirsten probably wanted to keep only the ones that are very active regardless the skill. If she would take into consideration the skill she would have kept you and Nika. But most good designers have to study much for school and stardoll is obviously gonna have to wait.

I love this graphic! Your technique looks so realistic *_*

Paula5959 said...

TGV is shitty now. You and Nika are too good for them :)

Ceaara Iman/MissCeaaria said...

paula5959 - comment not appreciated.

and Mikel, I will quite happily add you back to the blog if you still want to, sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Paula5959 said...

Sorry, but when sparklewand12 wasn't the ''boss' of the blog it was soooo much better! In my opinion of course.
I know she's doing her best, but deleting Mikel and Nika wasn't the best idea.

Mikel - Seasonalhotbuys said...

i know right? haha that's basically what it seems like

@Ceaara Iman/MissCeaaria
No thanks & everyone's opinion is welcomed on my blog. you should maybe take control of your blog before it declines to a further extent.

I use to enjoy posting on TGV because of the diversity but now it's very limited due to the publisher cuts. If another graphic designer collective blog comes around i'd join it. People have lifes we can't all spend hours on the computer recreating an image that doesn't really amount to anything.

love your work mawh!

Ceaara Iman/MissCeaaria said...

i dont feel as if ill be hanging around for much longer, ill probably delete the blog soon anyway :(

paula5959 - i agree with the fact that she shouldnt have deleted them, but theres nothing i can do now anyway as shes left me with her mess which i cannot change

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