Thursday, March 7

Graphic Outtake - Not In The Mood

Old graphic from a while ago. I really liked it a while back ago but, now i am not very fond of it. 
I was planning to use this graphic for maybe my magazine? But it looks like it is not indeed going to make the cut. it isn't worth working on any further because i have no plans for it. 

*Loads it up for the trash can*  Sometimes you have to recycle your unfinished work or you'll end up later coming back to it unpleased & putting more work into it than its worth.

I'm a bit pissy today because someone isn't online... *coughs up blood*  but whatever haha
I think i'll just practice on my clothing shading today since it's very poor like the rest of my work LOL.

also i updated my banner (same image). I just fixed the face it looked gross along with the hair line no biggy.

5 commentor(s):

Mila Wu said...

Holy moly how could you toss this out?! Aha by my standards this is amazing...but anyways, love the hair so much!

Crystallam2000 said...

I really like the hair and the top!

jackbitch / queendetox said...

i really love this, the hands are incredible

kadet12 said...

Your graphic is sooo great ! I love it ! *0*

Ceaara Iman/MissCeaaria said...

wow, i love this! so pristine!

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