Saturday, May 4

just2inform - MAH HAH!

Lmao so if ya'll missed anything I called eamons post about womans shoes gay on TTT and
some kid got offended (not eammon bcuz he mature n doesn't get butt hurt)

and i also accidentally released a sample of my magazine opps ya............... here have two things i guess i can always make another

lmao then ddl or whatever her name is gives me a back handed compliment whatever once
you can do graphics come holla at me  apparently i am attention seeking pretty much me and i am
'mean' laughing with a few friends over this.
i like nasty comments i can make them just as well as the people that take the time out to go anon
 remember talk shit on your own blogger accounts ^.^ if you're going to do it but then again is this
a passive aggressive post? nope i never mentioned your name
 n oh ya the grapes waere going to be pop art or something but i just didn't care

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Cyzia said...

Wow! It is amazing!

_StarHelen_ said...

Wow this is incredibly beautiful! Well done :)

Maggie said...

So... I'm suprised. I have seen many graphics, but this... Amazing. I love it.

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