Tuesday, September 17

Boredom Brings Trial & Error

Whenever I am working on a graphic and become bored with a part of it I end up doing some fun
brain storming how I could make it better or potentially less boring. & I like to make numerous of looks kind of like my own dress up? Is that weird? Idk I am use to the stardoll world of easily stripping items off & on with a few clicks.

   I created two 'Dior' inspired make ups. Also the right hair is 'Dior' inspired too! I like the shading of the neck & cheekbones they look nice. I was also listening to 'Applause' whilst creating this hence the black cap which transformed into a kind of headband for both looks I created.

  I am kind of getting back into graphics after being gone from my computer so long it's relieving that my mouse hasn't completely become foreign to my touch :').

ALSO! ye i created a free hair that I'll eventually finish up & release either in October or sometime late this month.

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_StarHelen_ said...

God, this is so damn good ugh

Jasmine Alex said...

Amazing!! :)~Donty123

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